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no refugees in england

A gym is often the most available facility to house refugees.

Currently, in many German regions local gyms are confiscated and used as refugee shelters amid the ongoing migrant crisis.

The Rudolf Harbig hall is one of the main sports facilities of Olympic Stadium in Berlin. It is a training location for many Berlin athletes and a venue for national and local tournaments. Last week, the Senate ordered the gym and some neighboring facilities to be confiscated and used to house refugees.

Professional athletes took away their belongings, and then the location was transformed into a shelter for migrants. Currently, local schools are simply not prepared for a great number of refugee children. As gyms are being used to shelter migrants, many schools cannot use them for regular classes.

Syrians in Germany include migrants from Syria to Germany, as well as their descendants. The number of Syrians in Germany is estimated at around 360,000 people in December 2015 and consists mainly of refugees of the Syrian Civil War.[2] Some other sources claim 200,000 estimated Syrian citizens to reside within Germany as of September 2015.[3] Many of the Syrian refugees in Germany are of Kurdish descent.[4][5]

The UK has taken in around 5,000 Syrian refugees since 2011, and resettled only 216 Syrian refugees under one particular scheme.

The sport facilities in my rural village in Cambridgshire are without refugees.