Stefanie Reichelt  photography and prints
Science Fiction

We humans are visual creatures. An image aims to depict reality to us,
but also invokes our imagination. It speaks more than a thousand

Scientists have always used images of various kinds - drawings,
pictures, photographs and videos, to name a few - to make discoveries,
describe processes in nature, catalogue and achieve specimens, and
illustrate observations and ideas. In scientific discoveries, images
are often the scientific finding itself.

But when is an image called art? How divergent is the artistic image
from the scientific image both in its nature and purpose? Does the
language of art speak only of creativity and that of science only of
discovery? But such distinctions are merely spurious. Both art and
science attempt to interpret the seen and the unseen, the factual and
the imaginary, the real and the possible in our world.

For me, art and science are not disparate, but complementary ways of
seeing the world. Both depend on the subtle observations of life and
attempt to blend the real with the imaginary. As a scientist and a
photographer, I aim to combine both my capacity to observe and to