Stefanie Reichelt  photography and prints
sitting - seeing

It is a common sight in Japan to see men and women sitting on a flat surface, usually on a tatami mat or on small pillows or low stools. The Japanese posture displays the body differently from how we present ourselves in the West. Almost the whole body is visible with an open view of the angle of the shoulders, the curve of the spine and the position of the feet. In our western tradition, in contrast, much of our body is hidden as we curl into the chair or the sofa and lean into cushions and arm rests.

Our sitting postures speak of many things, not only of our personality and how we relate to our body, but also of our larger history, cultural bearings and way of life.

Our traditions are woven into our postures. The Japanese sitting postures aim to lead the mind and body into peace and calm. The flat surface creates an equal status with everyone and everything seen from the same level.


This is a collection of portraits of Japanese women and men.


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The portraits were exhibited at Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin
accompanied by a dance performance by NAGAO Akemi

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09.02. bis 31.03.2015

Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin
Saargemünder Straße 2 • 14195 Berlin •