Stefanie Reichelt  photography and prints
Wallander - the last day of summer

The last day of summer for the Northern Hemisphere is the day of the autumn equinox, or the day the sun's illusionary path in the sky is right over the equator. The day varies from year to year, but is around September 22.

On the last day of summer 2012, I stayed in a friend’s summerhouse in the Swedish country site. It was the typical Swedish idyll: a red clapboard house with white window frames in mushroom-rich woods surrounded by still clear water lakes.

Late afternoon, I went swimming in the lake and discovered a small bay, where other visitors had enjoyed barbecues and boat rides. The signs of the recent Human presence were still obvious. A wooden pavilion, once beautiful and rather grand, gave the place an aura of splendour and luxury.

But now this place was deserted. One of the chairs had fallen over. The pavilion’s interior was broken, the wooden boards ripped and the tablecloth torn. Although the light was golden and beautiful, a strange feeling of loss, desolation, emptiness and sadness descended on the scenery.

There was an air of yearning for the return or mourning of the departure of life. The absence of the living was so recent that eerily it reminded of a scene from the crime series ‘Wallander’. Instinctively, I was looking for the Human bodies and expected them just around the corner – murdered in the undergrowth. Or maybe I was myself in danger of entering the scene not as a living but as a dead body…? (S.Reichelt, 2012)

'Wallander' is a Swedish television series adapted from Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander novels. The stories are set in Ystad near the southern tip of Sweden.