Stefanie Reichelt  photography and prints
perception in photography

Stefanie Reichelt – The Unconscious Eye

My photographic work is explorations of perception in photography and our conscious and unconscious reactions to the images we see. It raises questions: is seeing believing, is what we see is what we perceive, and what is the relationship between our subjective and objective realities.

As a scientist I take microscopic images of the human body, of small cells that move and divide, and contain even smaller molecules. These objective images, both informative and beautiful, enhance the knowledge of our physical self and help researchers develop cures for cancer.

Another theme that underpins my work is ‘the unconscious’, which involves not only the eye and the ear, but also all our senses. Leaving photographic interpretations to observers’ imagination, as with fairy tales, arouses powerful reactions. I seek to depict photographic stories with clues, hints and surprises, so that the perception of what lies within the photographs elicits potent unconscious impulses, desires, fears and unease in the observer.

Stefanie Reichelt, 2012