Stefanie Reichelt  photography and prints
Three Wheels

Here in the garden
do not ask who made it,
or why, or when

the garden is
and you are.


Things are
what they seem
and are not
what they seem

and neither is true
or untrue.

There are islands
and forests
and mountains
and vast
grey seas,
if you see it so.

There are peaks
above rolling blankets
of grey cloud,
Mount Sumeru
and Mount Hiei,
if you see it so.

And there is yourself.

If you see it so,
there are twelve small rocks
of no consequence
from Cumbria
and Aberdeenshire,
from screes
and spoilheaps
and river beds.

You can make of the garden
What you will.

But it may, perhaps,
make something of you,
which you were not,

if you wait
and are still;

if you become one
with the garden
and move beyond thought
or imagination,

and are

as the garden


by John White

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