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In November 2007 Stefanie Reichelt started ArtCell Gallery which is located in the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute (CRUK CRI), in the heart of the scientific community of Cambridge. The institute carries out world-class research to improve our understanding of cancer and find out how to prevent, diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer. The exhibitions at ArtCell aim to bring art into the institute for Stefanie's colleagues, patients at Addenbrookes Hospital as well as the general public.

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Steve Russell – You Look Well (2)
14 May - 08 July 2008


Cancer is a terrifying disease. Steve Russell’s artistic work is light and colourful.

Steve has been an artist with a concern for identity, human relationship, interaction and communication. When he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma he was treated at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and is now in remission. Instead of losing his creativity he was able to create an intense body of work based on his experience as a cancer patient. This is very unusual. In paintings such as ‘public relations’ the human body is shown as out-lined shapes.

Through the body runs a meshwork of vessels – in healthy humans delivering blood and oxygen to the organs. Although this is a constant process we are usually not aware of this, or are even appalled and afraid of. Steve’s figures seem to be kept alive by these lines and they are the essence of their being. During Steve’s treatment in the hospital these blood vessels became lifelines, which would deliver drugs to the cancerous lesions in Steve’s body. This was essential to prevent the cancer from spreading, killing the sick cells and restoring Steve’s body back to health.

These lifelines are a recurrent theme. Sometimes they are combined with maps and there appear to be maps inside and outside the body. In one of the prints ‘the aim is the cure’ two bodies are reduced to the outline and the fiery lines of vessels. Human beings reduced to their essence?

But the lifelines also extend into the surrounding and describe the interactions between human beings. Human relationships became a crucial source of strength for Steve. In ‘balance’ the patient (Steve) is held by another person. Almost floating and fixed by the intense connection, lines and out-lines of the bodies merging.

Steve has been given us all the opportunity to reflect through his work on relationships and the importance of communication. We have to admire his reflections on a disease and its treatment and cure, but moreover the beauty of his paintings full of life and colour.

More information on Steve Russell's site.